Delicious lunches with restaurant Cagliostro from 12:00 till 16:00

Lunch Menu

1 dish 250 ₽ | 2 dishes 360 ₽ + mors (drink) | 3 dishes 420 ₽ + bread
Premium Lunch Menu
1 dish 400 ₽, 2 dishes550 ₽ + mors (berry drink)/juice/fruit, 3 dishes 800 ₽ + bread

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We take care about what you eat and where
>>Enjoy Your Food<<
Healthy and tasty food for those who is picky and demanding. Our restaurant is calm and beautiful space for your comfortable relaxation.
~ New Impressions ~
Creativity in cooking. Find something new in common dishes with our creative kitchen
// Variety of choice//
You are given chance to choose the dish that you like

About Our Restaurant

Skillful and creative cooking
We opened the Cagliostro restaurant in 2023. Our interiors, our cuisine, our service all are the important part of art and creativity. We wish you to receive joy and pleasure, despite of the workload and rush of life. Fins small calm place in a center of a city.

Join us for our creative lunches and enjoy your day from a start!
Impressions of our customers
  • Advantages: Very pleasant establishment. Polite staff. Interesting presentation of dishes. Everything is very tasty. Pleasant music playing.

    Disadvantages: Everything was very enjoyable.

    Overall impressions: I highly recommend visiting.

  • Advantages: It feels like we have visited a secret society - a hidden underground place in the heart of the capital of the Russian Empire. Mysterious, elegant, refined, and secluded. We had two very delicious and spiced Glühwein, Margarita, and a new-to-us Bombay tonic, as well as a delicate tomato soup with seafood - all for just 1800 rubles. We didn't even notice how quickly this wonderful evening flew by!

    Overall impressions: A very promising and prestigious place!

  • Advantages: I really enjoyed the salmon with broccoli, although the portion was small. The waiter was polite, and the interior was interesting and beautiful.

    Disadvantages: Nothing, everything was enjoyable.

    Overall impressions: I recommend the restaurant, it is located near art exhibitions in St. Petersburg, which we also visited. We will come back again (using coupons).

  • Advantages: Interesting place. Pleasant atmosphere. Good cuisine.

    Overall impressions: Enjoyed it. Will come again.

Booking table
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  • Clients:
    We are tourists, we want to visit your restaurant, how can we do that?
    Call us or write us, we will answer you as soon as possible. If you want to receive service on English, please warn us please.
  • Client:
    What are your contacts?
    You can write to us cagliostro.rest@gmail.com or make a call +7‒911‒744‒77‒59
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Our restaurant is waiting for you in the center of the city!